Fees & application process

Our mentors work with a small number of writers, accepting new enrollments as their timetables permit.

The program covers five meetings over a six month period. You will meet with your mentor each month for a one hour’s in depth discussion of the work. Before each meeting, your mentor will read up to ten thousand words of the work-in-progress. Sometimes they will make comments on the work, or on other occasions your mentor might suggest tasks to do before you next meet. The session will be led in partnership by you and your mentor, and what the work requires. Meetings take place in public locations such as cafes, galleries or museums or, in some cases, by phone or Skype.

If you are applying to work with a particular mentor, you should state this in your application.

On acceptance into the program, you will receive a contract outlining our mutual commitments, which will provide an opportunity for you to review your goals for the duration of the program.  After that, there will be a deadline each month, with an expected delivery of up to ten thousand words per month.

Contact the program administrator for information, with a short statement letting us know what you are working on and who you would like to work with. You can also apply directly using the Application Form.

The cost for the program is $3,700 +GST  for 5 meetings payable on acceptance.
Fees and process for the Headway program differ from the main program. Please review them prior to applying.

How to apply
To apply, send a two thousand word excerpt and a brief summary of what you hope to achieve, using the form.

Alternatively  The Headway program