The Intensive

Occasionally, experienced writers need a more intensive process. For writers who are a little further on we now offer the Intensive by application.

Here’s how it works: you provide your mentor with the first one hundred pages of your work in progress. At the first session they might also want a synopsis or a brief outline of the whole work and any chapter outlines or notes that you have on the central questions of the work. Your mentor will read your work and your chapter notes, and spend time reflecting on your project.

Your mentor will meet with you either in person or via Skype, for half a day after reading your work in progress. This half day meeting allows for a discussion of the work-in-progress and also time to plan for the next stage.

The Intensive allows for three half day one-to-one sessions, with your mentor reading one hundred pages (up to 25 000 words) of your manuscript before each meeting. The meetings can be spread as closely as one a month for three months, or, if you prefer, can be spread over one year.

Applications for the Intensive are via the online form, by attaching a two thousand word excerpt along with a one page outline of the project. The outline should include a statement on what you hope to achieve from the Intensive and a guide to how far along you are with the project.

The cost of the Intensive is $6,100 +GST.